Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips

In the past, the kitchen used to be a place simply for preparing food and cooking meals. However, over the recent period, after kitchen remodeling it has morphed into the epicenter of the home. Families now look for this space to create a more encouraging and stimulating environment and spend some quality time together.

If you want to make your kitchen look like a million bucks, consider these top 5 kitchen remodeling tips:

Choose an Open Layout

If you want your kitchen to have a luxurious feel, choose an open layout. An open-concept kitchen has no walls and makes your house look bigger and brighter. It allows an alternative place to hang out and relax with family or guests. An open layout integrates the different parts of your house to make it look smart and practical. Free movement between the kitchen counter and the dining area makes serving and eating an easy and enjoyable task.

Include high-tech features

In this digital era, we want everything at our fingertips. So it makes sense to incorporate technological advancements in our kitchen. Consider installing motorized cabinets that raise and lower your cabinetry for easy access. You can also use voice-controlled products like the Amazon Echo and Google home to start, end, or change a variety of functions. Apart from this, touchscreen-enabled refrigerators and energy-efficient dishwashers are also popular today.

Get your lighting right

For a kitchen to look and function well, it must be adequately lit. A good lighting plan perfectly blends your kitchen with the architectural and decorative details of the room. Adopt a layered approach to get your lighting right. Here are its key elements:

Ambient lighting: It is basic illumination that comes from an overhead fixture, such as a recessed fixture, and gives a warm glow to the room.

Accent lighting: It helps enhance the visual appeal of a room. You can use accent lighting to highlight the architectural details of your interiors. 

Task Lighting: It helps provide lighting for tasks like chopping vegetables and cooking. You can use LED lighting to keep the heat at a minimum.

Go big with two islands

In an expansive space, it makes sense to have two islands in a kitchen. The biggest advantage of a double island kitchen is that it offers additional counter space. If there are two cooks in your family, then these counters add extra workstations. You can also use this space to prepare different recipes. The two islands let people sit, chat, and enjoy snacks and drinks. It also helps improve the floor space for foot traffic.

Incorporate unique custom features

The best thing about remodeling is that you can include or remove many features as per your taste. Here are some features worth considering: 

  • Moveable kitchen islands – You can use them as a breakfast bar, dining room table, or as a working surface. 
  • Two-toned cabinetry – Using different cabinet colors adds personality to your home.
  • Dishwasher in a drawer – It enables efficient cleaning for a few dishes. 
  • Double ovens – You can use the secondary oven for plate warming and additional baking.
  • Pot filler – It helps prevent clutter in the sink. The faucet can be used to fill pots with water directly over the stove. 

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