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Building from the ground up? The typical process will involve hiring an architect to draw up plans, then searching for a contractor that can build within your budget and timeline. Attitash Home Builders offers a refreshing alternative to the standard design-build process. We integrate design and build from the ground up, ensuring that your project moves quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Design + Build

• Design and construction services under one contract

• Cost and schedule are controlled by a single entity

• Typically best method for fast-track projects

• High quality design delivered economically

• Subcontractor expertise can be obtained in design process

What is Design + Build? Simply the Most Cost Efficient Way to Build

• Hassle-Free Relationships
• Lower Costs
• Accelerated Schedule

The design-build construction delivery method replaces the traditional method of awarding separate contracts for the design and construction phases of a project. The contractor, designers, subcontractors and owner all work together as one team. This collaboration can reduce the time and cost of a project by as much as 20%.

Residential Design Build Construction Contractors MA NH

With the traditional method of construction, owners must manage two separate contracts while acting as a “middle man” between the designers and the contractor. Under a design-build method, the owner manages a single contract with the design-build contractor, who forms and manages their team of designers and subcontractors.

The design-build process is a popular and highly effective approach to residential construction projects. Designers are often utilized during the planning stage of development so that they can provide innovative solutions while building teams have foresight into what will be required for tasks ahead in order to ensure success, which typically results in higher quality buildings than those built through traditional methods. Some benefits include high-quality facilities with time efficiency and lower costs due to limited interference from third parties such as architects or engineers once the work has started on site.

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    Leading the Way

    In addition to popularizing the New England Design + Build process, we are also leaders in green building and the latest design and construction technology. We are proud to be among the first in our market to introduce new design principles and building techniques.

    Whether you are looking to remodel an existing structure or build from the ground up, the Attitash design build team ensures your project is a success from start to finish.

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