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Attitash Builders, Inc. is one of the areas premiere custom home builders, serving Lincoln residential clients with a wide range of construction services. As a home builder, Attitash stands apart from the rest with experience and creativity. Our designs are unique, while mixing modern and contemporary design features. We offer custom home designs for all tastes and budgets and will work with you to design your dream home. Your new Lincoln home will be the talk of the town!

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Town of Lincoln
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Lincoln, MA 01773
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Lincoln MA ZIP Code: 01773

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More About Lincoln, Massachusetts


Lincoln was named after the family home of Chambers Russell, a representative in the court of Boston who played a key role in the creation of the town. His family home was called Lincolnshire, and in gratitude, he was asked to name the new town.

The first settlement was in 1654, the town was part of Concord at the time, and it was first inhabited by Europeans. It was then established as a separate town in 1754 after locals appealed for it. During the revolutionary war, some of the clashes and captures took place in Lincoln, including the capture of Paul Revere, a patriot who alerted the colonial militia of the plans of the British Military.

What to do or see in Lincoln MA

Lincoln, Massachusetts, is the perfect location to find every kind of architectural memorial. Lincoln lies between Lexington and Concord, making it one of the historic towns and roots of the American revolutionary period. Real Estate in Lincoln comprises of many large manor houses that have been preserved and converted to schools and museums in present days.

A few examples are the Tudor Higginson Estate built in 1906, the Arts and Crafts style estate built by Helen Osborne to celebrate folk arts in the 1900s, among many others. The Codman estate has the designs and furnishings of the 1700s. It was built by the Codman family in 1740. In Lincoln, MA, there are many early homes built by famous architects like Gropius that are well-maintained and preserved.

The Gropius house became an international landmark. Also, the main visitors center of the Minuteman National Historic Park is located in Lincoln, MA. You can visit the battle Road, the site where revere was captured and the battleground from the time of the battles. The residential architecture and relics that make up for a huge part of the town narrate a story of America’s development through the centuries and give millennials a reason to prioritize the preservation of American culture.

Crime statistics

The crime index for Lincoln MA is 87; this makes it a relatively safe city to reside in. In the last five years, Lincoln has recorded a decrease in both violent and property crime rates. The chances of becoming a victim of violent crime is 1 in 1,359, and for property crime, it is 1 in 261.

Notable people

  • Susan Cooley Fargo. She was a politician and was elected as Massachusetts state senator in 1997. She was a resident of Lincoln MA till her passing.
  • Dr. Bradford Cannon was a plastic surgeon who specialized in treating burn victims
  • Frank Evans Heart was a computer engineer. He led the team that designed the first routing computer for the ARPANET. He worked at MIT Lincoln laboratory for 15years.
  • Russell Gerry Crook, American Sculptor, and craftsman. He was born in Lincoln MA
  • Diana Golden, award-winning disabled Ski racer. She was born in Lincoln, MA, and she won several global & US skiing championships.
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