5 Home Additions To Create More Space In Your House

Our homes are supposed to be a place where we can have a relaxing time, but a home that is too small for our needs presents us with a variety of problems. For instance, lack of space could leave people with no choice but to share rooms that often get cramped. A solution to this problem is home additions like adding a second floor or reconfiguring the basement to create extra storage for newly acquired items. 

Here, we’ll talk about five home additions you can do to create more space in your home:

#1 Enclose the back patio

If you are a big party enthusiast and like to invite friends over the weekends, you can enclose an existing patio to gain year-round living space. Even if you are not a party lover, you can still have space to unwind and enjoy some great music after a tiring day of work. The enclosed patio will surely impress coffee lovers. Just imagine sipping a hot cup of coffee with the view of sunsets and sunrises! You can also style the space into a hobby room. Use this workspace to create all your art. To add more functionality to space, you can include multiple furniture stands. 

#2 Bump out

A bump-out might be a good option if you only want a little more space in a specific room, like a bathroom or kitchen. A bump-out is about redefining the perimeter of the existing floor plan to gain some space, but not a full-blown addition. Such addition can be as small as two feet and could be extended up to 15 feet from your home. A bump-out can add a reading area, a bigger closet, or room for a larger shower. A major benefit of bump-outs is that they don’t require any extra heating or cooling installation.

#3 Second-floor addition

A second-floor expansion is the best way to double your home’s square footage. In this additional space, you can add a bathroom, an extra bedroom, game room, or library to your home. There are numerous ways you can use this space to meet your needs. A second-floor addition is usually costly and could run between $100 – $300 per square foot. The remodeling price can rise as high as $4000 per square foot depending on the complexity of the project and the quality of materials used. Remember that second-story additions are technically complex projects, so it’s a good idea to hire an experienced contractor.

#4 Add a garage

Before going for a garage addition, find out whether your location’s code restrictions will even allow it. If you can do so, decide how big it should be. Remember that a garage in front of your house can take up a significant portion of the face of the building and make it unattractive. To avoid this visual impact, consider building it to the side. If the doors must face the street, consider adding windows to the street-facing side that match the style of the rest of the house. If your home is on a busy street, it’s advisable to install a turnaround area.

#5 Sunroom addition

It’s a room that provides access to the outdoors and brings in abundant natural light. The sunroom helps bridge indoor and outdoor living areas and usually has walls built from glass. The present-day sunrooms now have electrical services and even supplemental heating and cooling. Sunrooms are often built on floating concrete slabs with shallow perimeter foundations. The cost of building a small sunroom ranges around $8,000; however, a large sunroom with a new slab-on-grade foundation may cost more than $80,000.

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