Home Additions Lexington MA | Major Renovations Lexington MA

Nestled in the historical beauty of Lexington, MA, homeowners, and luxury home buyers are increasingly seeking innovative ways to expand their living spaces. Home additions/home improvements have become a popular trend in the greater Boston area, not only as a means to increase the square footage but also to add significant value to homes.

With options ranging from story additions, family rooms, additions garage building to specialized bathroom or kitchen remodeling, the possibilities are as expansive as your dreams.

The Role of a Reputable Builder

The success of any home addition lies in the expertise of the builder you choose. A reputable premier home builder isn’t just a contractor but a reliable partner in bringing your vision to life.

Homeowners must trust their builders for high-quality work, on-time project completion, and managing costs without compromising on design or materials.

Why Attitash Custom Home Design Builders

Since 1999, Attitash Custom Home Design Builders has been a synonym for luxury and custom home building and home remodeling in Lexington, MA. Our award-winning designs and builds are a testament to our commitment to creating personalized spaces that homeowners love. Unlike others, Attitash stands out for our “client first” approach.

We take pride in involving our clients throughout our design process, focusing on catering to individual needs and desires. Whether it’s capitalizing on natural light, remodeling spaces to create fluidity, or increasing your home’s functionality, Attitash makes your dreams tangible with each nail and blueprint.

  • Custom Home Builds on Your Land or Ours
  • Land Development
  • Tear Down Rebuilds
  • Major Home Renovations
  • 10 Year Home Warranty
  • Special Financing Programs

Celebrating Success One Project at a Time

Our portfolio flaunts various successful projects, including spacious story additions and meticulous bathroom remodeling—each detailed to integrate seamlessly with Lexington’s charm.

We believe in enhancing homes to meet the evolving needs of growing families and renovation enthusiasts without forfeiting the atmosphere of luxury living.


For homeowners and luxury home buyers in Lexington, MA who envision an addition that mirrors their taste and improves their lifestyle, Attitash Custom Home Design Builders represents excellence.

Our approach, which spotlights client involvement and satisfaction, ensures the creation of bespoke living spaces that are nothing short of extraordinary.

We invite you to explore our services and consider Attitash Custom Home Design Builders for your next home addition.

Home Additions Lexington MA | Major Renovations Lexington MA

Free Residential Remodeling Financing Boston MA

Attitash Residential Construction Financing

In order to give back and help enrich our local New England business community, we decided to offer competitive financing plans for our customers. We cover a portion of the cost of your commercial renovation up-front, deferring your payments to a later date with zero percent interest.

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