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Looking to Build Your Massachusetts Dream Home? Attitash Builds Custom Homes Designed Specifically For You...

We build one of a kind custom homes designed and built to be the home of your dreams. We do not build “cookie cutter” homes that all look alike, resulting in a truly unique home you are going to love.

Attitash Home Builders has been building dream homes for our clients since 1999. Our award winning home designs are customized from the ground up as we work with you to make your vision a reality.

Our approach is much different from other builders because we use a “client first” approach that allows us to work closely with you throughout the entire process. We take note of your needs and what you desire from your new home. The result is a truly custom home built to your specifications for exactly what you need and much more.

An Attitash Built Home Is a One-Of-A-Kind Custom Home.

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      Give us a call today and a home design/build expert can answer questions and guide you through the process of building your new home. In just a few minutes, you will have a clear idea of what it will take to get you into the home you have been dreaming of.

      Let's Talk About Your New Home!

      Please give us a little information below and we will be in touch as soon as possible to talk about your home building project.

        Custom Home Building FAQ

        Additions average 120 working days. New homes, from the ground up, will take approximately 180 working days to complete. Every project has its own timeframe, however, and delays and unforeseen issues can sometimes lengthen a project timeline.

        Clients can provide material themselves, although is preferred to allow Attitash to supply all material through its direct vendors and suppliers. If a client provides their own materials, warranty work if required may not be approved due to returns and warranty claims from specific vendors or suppliers the client decided to use. All of our vendors and suppliers are approved and have a direct relationship with Attitash to assist and facilitate warranty work should the need arise.

        Yes, a client can pull the permit themselves, although it’s recommended to allow Attitash Builders to pull the permit in their name since they will be the General Contractor responsible for the entire project from start to finish.

        Yes we do! In order to give back and help enrich our local New England communities, we decided to offer competitive financing plans for our customers. We cover a portion of the cost of your commercial renovation up-front, deferring your payments to a later date with zero percent interest.

        We also offer financing assistance through our banking affiliates. For more information, please visit:

        The first step is to have an on-site meeting with one of our Project Estimators. The purpose of this meeting is for the client to meet a member of our team and learn who we are as a company and gain an understanding of the type of work we do. This initial meeting is also allows the estimator to learn more about the project and come up with a rough idea on what it will cost to complete the project.

        If the project is at the very beginning stage (no plans, no survey etc.) then the client will be presented with information on our non-binding agreement so that a survey and set of preliminary plans can be completed. The client has the choice of entering into a non-binding agreement to have these items completed or can use their own third party and have these items completed themselves. Once completed, our estimators will be able to figure an exact cost for the entire project and can then write up a full scope of work, formal proposal and estimate for the entire project to present to the client. Without a survey and set of plans, a formal proposal and estimate cannot be provided. Should the client decide to move forward with the project, a contract and final proposal will be put together and signed by both the client and a member of Attitash Builders, Inc. We then start the permitting process, order initial materials and have a pre-construction meeting onsite. Once completed, a schedule and start date will be established and the project will start. As the project nears competition, dumpsters and material will start to be removed, a final cleaning to the job site will be conducted and the owner will be able to start enjoying their new home or addition.

        Attitash Builders, Inc. was established in 1999 and serves both southern New Hampshire and the Greater Boston area.

        Typically, if you are changing the footprint of the home or doing a renovation in which bedrooms will be added to the existing home, then a survey will be needed. Every project is different, however. Our project estimators will determine if a survey is necessary during the initial meeting.

        Attitash Builders is comprised of over 14 team members ranging from office administration to project superintendents. We also partner directly with multiple sub-contractors, which allows Attitash to manage several projects simultaneously without delays.

        No. We are a custom home builder offering a design/build service for land owners looking to add a custom built home to their land. We do offer land development services, land surveying and related services.

        Yes we can! We have done several complete home rebuilds in Massachusetts. Sometimes it just makes sense to gut what is there, but keep the original structure and rebuild a custom home in the same footprint. Whether it is a historical home rebuild/remodel or you just want a brand new custom home in the place of what is there now we can handle the job.

        Yes & No! It really depends on what you need/want in a custom home. The size of the home, the layout and the materials and fixtures we use in the build all play a factor in the cost of building a custom home. Permitting and preparing the site for your new home are factored into the cost as well. Give us a call to discuss cost in more detail. A home building exert at Attitash can walk you through the process and educate you on the timeline and what it will cost to build your new home.

        We generally work with clients that already own the land they want to build on, but sometimes it makes sense to consult a home builder when you are thinking about purchasing a piece of land you are thinking of building a home on. If you have a dream home in mind, we can provide guidance on the amount of land required to build the home you want. Give us a call and we can start a conversation.

        Let's Talk About Your New Home Today!
        Let's Talk About Your New Home!

        Please give us a little information below and we will be in touch as soon as possible to talk about your home building project.

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