10 Benefits Of A Custom Built Home

Are you tired of searching for the perfect home in the market? Tired of having to compete with other buyers in bidding wars? If you’ve been searching for what feels like a lifetime, a custom-built home may be the solution. Working with custom home builders have an array of benefits that can save you money, time, and effort. And you get everything just the way you’ve always dreamed of for a place to call your forever home.

A custom built home vs a builder’s “neighborhood home” or an older home that has been flipped and refinished is much more valuable, will have better quality construction, and will come with a customized floor plan to better suit your personal style better than anything else you’ll find on the market. Why is that?

Well, for instance, a builder developing a neighborhood will have certain lots to choose from already surveyed and mapped out, the home plan design is already complete, and the neighbors have similar houses and colors possibly with slight variations. Sort of “cookie cutter” as the term goes. Building like this allows the developer to complete homes faster and then sell them faster to a larger market. The downside is every house looks the same, has the same features and more or less vary only by color and location on the street.

An older home that has been updated by the homeowner or a builder’s flipped home, again, already has all the finishes complete. Meaning if you love exactly what the builder choose for colors, counter tops, backsplash, type of flooring etc., then that’s great. But todays buyers are very picky regarding the finishes in homes. And it can be very expensive to purchase an updated home if you hate the color of the cabinets or flooring and plan to update it (again) after your purchase.

If you haven’t considered having a custom home built, now might be the time to consider all your options and explore the opportunity and the benefits that you’ll gain by working with a quality builder.

Here are ten benefits of owning a custom-built home:

Choose a Land Lot for Your Custom Home

When you opt for a custom-built home, you have the flexibility of choosing the ideal placement of your home on your piece of land. You can plan for maximum sunlight in the kitchen and choose your window views that will take your breath away. Custom homes allow you to maximize your lot’s potential and provide a personalized space that meets your needs.

You can plan ahead for landscaping and have added walkways installed, and garden beds around the home, an outdoor patio and fire pit area, or maybe you’ve always wanted a swimming pool or Koi pond.

Choose Your Home Style & Layout

Another great benefit of a custom-built home is the freedom to design every aspect to build your dream home. With this flexibility, you can create a home that is unique, tailored to your lifestyle, and meets your specific requirements.

Imagine having a large mudroom with laundry and storage for a family drop zone right off your custom garage. Or enjoying your perfectly designed open concept kitchen and living areas that are great for hosting guests, and end each day with your dream master bedroom suite with the walk in closet of your dreams…

Personalize Your Home Features

Custom homes can be completely personalized to your liking. The style, colors, and design, choose all your favorite cabinet fixtures, flooring, lighting, appliances, and paint can be tailored to your preferences. This can help to reduce the cost associated with changing features later in life and ensure the longevity of your satisfaction with your home.

With the home building process, you’re the interior designer and this allows you control over how the home is designed whether you build a luxury home or just the perfect earth friendly home that you and your family can enjoy long term.

Custom Homes Have Better Quality Craftsmanship

Custom builder homes are made with exceptional attention to detail and high quality—a true reflection of the builder’s pride and passion. The quality craftsmanship adds to the unique character of your home and enhances its overall appeal. You can have custom molding, coffered ceilings, modern wall fireplaces, gorgeous chandeliers, and entryways equipped with coat closets and seating. It’s all in the details.

Make Your Custom Home More Energy Efficient

Custom homes feature energy-efficient products installed from HVAC systems to flooring, plumbing, and lighting. These eco-friendly products help to reduce your energy expenses while also promoting a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Eco toilets and baths, eco appliances, eco flooring and products promote better health in the home and the environment.

Custom Storage in Your Custom Home

Custom-built homes allow for custom storage solutions (oh, yeah!) including custom closets, built-in features like window seating and bookcases and fireplace walls, or extra-large bedroom closets for all. These additional storage options not only enhance the functionality of the home but also increase its attractiveness when evaluating the home for resale.

Build In Lower Maintenance Costs

With custom-built homes, all features and appliances are brand new, environment-friendly, and energy efficient. This means fewer maintenance requirements and lower costs over time. Typically, when purchasing a home even just 10 year old will not have the current updates and may already have some issues if the home didn’t have proper maintenance.

More Comfort & Health Features

Custom-built homes provide a focus on comfort and health as well as practicality. Comfort and health features include air filtration systems, humidifiers, heated flooring, temperature-controlled showers, built-in generators, and solar panels. All designed to make the home not only ecofriendly, but healthy for you family, especially if anyone has allergies.

Smart Home & Security Features

Technology advances in custom-built homes allow for the latest technology features, including appliances, security systems, and lighting, to be integrated. These customizable smart home and security features not only enhance your lifestyle, but also increase the value of your home.

Custom Homes Hold Better Resale Values

Custom-built homes have higher resale values than traditional homes because of the upgrades and beautiful designs and modern features. Updated and styled smart homes have more value than traditional existing homes and buyers are more attracted to the unique features that are not cookie cutter built.


Owning a custom-built home allows for unparalleled creativity, expression, and personalization in creating a dream home that is unique to your lifestyle. Custom-built homes offer a vast array of benefits including energy efficiency, custom storage options, and the capability to include modern smart home features that can increase the value of your home.

So, if you’ve been searching for that perfect home design without any luck, consider the benefits of building a custom home and make your dream a reality.


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